Hello - I'm Sal and according to a DNA test I'm 39.5% English, 31% Scandinavian, 15.7% Irish, Scottish and Welsh, 9.3% Balkan, 3.3% Greek and 1.2% Nigerian.


For almost a decade I've been helping people find what they're looking for with local online directories including iwork4uglos and more recently Cheltenham Noticeboard. Having had a diverse range of jobs including running a market stall, being a DJ, a charity fundraiser and working as a PA for a firm of architects in London, I love connecting people... so promoting exceptional local businesses was the natural next step for me.


I created Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business to find what you want including ways to help you thrive, as well as helping small businesses get noticed and raise their profiles. The people endorsed in this directory sell products or provide services that the team and I use ourselves / know the owners, so our recommendations are personal and genuine.


Whether you're looking for trusted recommendations for home and garden, trades, business support, branding, self-development, events, networking, advertising, coaching, legal, luxury, essentials or holistic treatments, we believe you'll find what you're looking for. 

I hope you love this eclectic directory and the businesses within it, and that you find inspiration here.

What you'll find:

  • a community of wonderful coaches and mentors

  • a welcoming family of businesses, built on kindness, connections and service that wows

  • holistic therapies to relax your body and enrich your soul

  • a centre of excellence for business services

  • delicious dining, wonderful workshops and exquisite events

  • a thriving networking community

  • blogs, inspiration, interviews and recommendations

  • ethical, artisan, local, bespoke, independent and deluxe shopping

What you won't find:

  • real fur

  • beauty products that are tested on or harm animals

  • factory farmed products

If you're happy with that then we're kindred spirits - welcome to Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business!


​'I just thought I would message you to say that when I first met you, you made me see that I was more than just a beautician in Glos ❤ I wanted to basically do what you do but for the beauty world! Remember, I came to you for advice initially. Since then, I have been building a platform all over the UK. So, thank you for inspiring me to be more!'  Yve Graham, Beauty Treatments in Gloucestershire™️

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'Hey Sal I just wanted to say thanks for helping me build my business and I’m learning so much about marketing on social media and it’s working! It’s been the best move I ever made signing up with you! I’m getting messages left right and centre for treatments. xx 😘.'  Laura Cousins, Heavenly Holistics

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