10 Tips for Start-Ups

I typed out these tips for someone starting up a new business and thought you might find some of them useful too. Here goes...

1) Make contact with a business coach and join their group if they have one.

2) Once you have your new website (I can recommend web designers) join online directories such as Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business, Glosinfo, LBN Referral Group, The Local One... shop around a bit and do your research and see which online directories have the best deals and ones which you get a good feeling about.

3) I can help get you on 53 directories at once via Chris, one of my collaborators. You can manage it yourself or have Chris or me do the management for you.

4) Make sure you list your business on Google My Business. It's free and they will send you a postcard with a verification code on it, a few days after you register online.

5) Read some business books - I particularly recommend 'Oversubscribed' and 'The Million Dollar Blog'. More info here... 4-Must-Read-Books-for-2019

6) Have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest just so people can find you and it helps your SEO to be on all of them but just concentrate on the two you prefer the most. Learn how to do self-marketing and remember that reviews are like gold dust - they are the cheapest, most effective form of advertising.

7) Go to a networking event every couple of months if you can. Details of our own Casual Business Lunches will be on the events page.

8) Go with your own instinct / intuition and don't let people tell you what to do (she says, whilst telling you what to do!!! lol - but you know what I mean). People will sometimes offer advice that you haven't asked for. Your business is YOUR business. Katie Dobson of The Cutlery Commission told me this and recommended Cath Kidston's autobiography 'Coming Up Roses' which confirms the same thing. Others will see you as an easy target to sell things to that you 'must have', but be discerning as they may not be such a 'must have' really. Many things you need to know you can find on YouTube tutorials so don't be sucked in to buying services unless you specifically wanted them and went out to find them.

9) Do a blog and build up a database that you can send out a monthly e-newsletter to.

10) Have a leaflet. I can recommend good graphic designers and fast, efficient, affordable printers.

Love Sal x

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