The Spoilt Generation

This mini blog was written in sunny Devon, where my 3 school friends and I took some of our kids (the nicest ones) for the half term break. We were lucky enough to borrow a beautiful cottage big enough for all of us to stay in, right on the beach. Whatsapp Revived Our Relationship The 4 of us met on the first day of sixth form at Pate's Grammar School in 1986. We clicked immediately and became inseparable.

During lessons we constantly wrote notes to each other and when the odd wiley teacher would intercept and read them, we devised a way of getting round this by passing around an innocent school exercise book we called The Blue Book, shortened to just 'Bloob'. We also had a whole code, so that if it anything very private did fall into the wrong hands, they wouldn't be able to work out what it said.

Over the 2 years of sixth form we got through a few Bloobs, and they contained every detail of our lives, woes and loves and lots of silly stuff, sometimes even actual food such as a splodge of brie (pretty oily and smelly!) or a slice of satsuma. Anyway over the years, time and distance came between us. We went off to various places and had seperate lives. Karen moved to Hong Kong. Gaby relocated to Devon, Libbi to London and then Surrey, and me to London and then back to Cheltenham. We never lost touch, but speaking, meeting and writing to each became pretty irregular.

People often point out the negatives of social media and technology and yes there are many, however Whatsapp truly revived our relationship with our online 'Bloob'. There is not a day that goes by that the four of us don't write messages to each other. We are all parents with responsibilities, but the ability to share problems and emotions but mostly just nonsense and hilarity, we are able to experience the fun we had when we were 17 and 18 all over again. After being seperated from Karen for twenty years we are again reunited and quality time together is back on!

Thirty year old relationships are pretty wonderful! I hope we can take a photo like this every few years now. Spoilt Generation As the parent of a soon to be teenager, I'm reading a few books to help be better equipped to cope! I've read 'Get Out of My Life, But First Take Me and Alex Into Town', which has been quite reassuring to know that some behaviour is not unusual. Now I have moved onto the 'Spoilt Generation' and hope that too helps me deal with some challenges.

The battle of wills is in full flow. We are are part of a 'blended' family and working through the extra teething problems that brings. My partner prefers less internet for kids and more activity, and he's totally right, but I'm too soft on my son so it leads to a lot of 'good cop, bad cop' scenarios which are not fair on anyone concerned. We are all committed to make more effort, to learn to compromise where necessary. It's time for me to absorb lots of well-researched advice from expert authors (as well as my Bloobs!) and put it into practise.

If you have views on this subject and would like to discuss online, you're welcome to join my Facebook group 'iwork4u lifestyle & wellbeing group' and have your say.


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