5 Kind Things You Can Do For Animals

Animals seem to get a pretty raw deal in life so I've put together a list of 5 easy things you can do to lighten their load. If you can think of any more, please tweet me @iwork4uglos and I'll share your ideas on social media.

1. Choose Cruelty-free Cosmetics and Cleaning Products

Many companies test their products on animals which are kept in cages in laboratories. It's a horrible life filled with pain, and I imagine, despair. The companies do this out of greed - they want to say they have the latest, most fantastic products that will make you more beautiful. We all know that the only things that will make you more beautiful are good nutrition, plenty of sleep, gentle skincare and a commitment to kindness and self-development. Here's a good skincare book.

Most cruelty-free products these days are easy to spot as they have a small bunny logo somewhere on the packaging, or clearly show the words 'not tested on animals'. Do not be fooled by phrases such as 'against testing on animals'.

They need to be assuring you that they don't use animals for testing their products, and they need to have a symbol which you can trust. Sal's Green Beauty Shop is safe!

2. Wear Faux Fur

Fur is beautiful and warm. With our chilly winters we feel all snuggly and wrapped up when we put on a lovely fur or fur trimmed coat.

The thing is though.. no human looks good in fur because it's not meant for them. It's been ripped off the back of an animal who did look adorable in it. On a human, real fur just looks ugly and makes the person look less intelligent and compassionate. There are so many lovely faux fur options, which have caused no agony to a fellow earthling. I'm going to keep the gory photos out of this blog but if you feel like doing your own research you won't have to look far to find out what goes on in the fur trade.

Even if you have worn fur before or still wear it now, it's not too late to make the kindest choice - you could pass your fur coat on to charity or someone who is sleeping rough.

News just in! Read here about a surprising stand a talented photographer has taken, by refusing to photograph real fur from a high profile fashion brand.

3. Only Get a Pet from a Shelter

Animal shelters and sanctuaries all over the world are full to bursting with dogs, cats and all sorts of other fluffy, feathered or scaly creatures who deserve a loving forever home. Designer dogs and pampered pooches are lovely too of course, but if you foster or adopt from an animal shelter you are helping existing animals rather than funding the puppy farming industry, where mother dogs are made to have puppies more often than their bodies can cope with, and puppies are often kept in squalor, for the sole purpose of making money.

4. Go for the Veggie Option

Most good cafes, bars, caterers and restaurants have veggie and vegan options and if it sounds tasty - why not go for it? It's the same in supermarkets - the more you spend your money on ethical options, the more they will be available, and the less you rely on meat. Eating less meat has been proven to be much healthier.

5. Support an Animal Charity

There are so many people out there working their butts off to improve conditions for animals. We don't even have to leave the room - we can donate to support them with the click of a button.

Thank you for reading my blog! Sal xx

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