Dog Parking - Is Your Dog Safe?

Wouldn't it be lovely if your local shop was dog friendly?

Sadly this is often not the case. So do you tie your dog up outside or do you leave Fido at home?

There is a fine line between convenience and safety.

Is your dog 100% safe outside?

When I think of a dog outside, I think of a dog who's potentially at risk of not only being stolen but put in a vulnerable situation.

Tied up, there is no means to escape. It only takes that one person...

To pat Fido on the head.

To offer Fido some food.

To undo his leash and take off with him.

To let their dog rush over to him.

Some may feel I'm being over cautious. This is my personal opinion and not all may agree.

But having been witness to some concerning incidents of what's happened when dogs are left outside, I'm genuinely worried about your dog's safety.

So here are a few tips to help you avoid unnecessary risk:

Take a friend

A second pair of eyes is really useful. Whilst you do the shopping a friend can wait outside. Company for Fido. Peace of mind for you.

Set times for walks - set time for shopping

We live in a busy world. Often in a rush and struggling for time. When you have a dog it's really important to make time. Try to keep shopping time separate from dog walking time. This will ease off the pressure and means you can take your time picking the best groceries.

Call on some help

If things are getting hectic and you are really struggling to give Fido the walks he needs, employing a dog walker can help relieve the burden. It's an opportunity for your dog to socialise and go on some dog adventures.

In conclusion - I see dogs left outside on a daily basis. Some lying there happily, some barking in frustration, others pacing up and down. If your dog is anxious/frustrated or suffers from separation issues then leaving it outside is extremely stressful. At the same time even if a dog seems perfectly happy, it only takes that one person to approach or kid to run over or person who is cruel enough to harm the dog. Not everyone is nice as you. Not everyone is a dog lover. Dog theft is still rife.

Is your dog 100% safe?

Helen Motteram, BSc (Hons) Social Paws

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