Trust Your Clock - Sali's Interview with Katie Dobson

1​. What gave you the idea to personalise cutlery and when did you realise it was taking off?

I was learning how to make jewellery as a hobby, and one element was personalising the silver with names. A few days later I was at a car boot sale and bought a pretty silver teaspoon which I took home to practice some personalisation on... it was cheaper than buying silver scraps. I stamped the words HEY SUGAR on it and immediately realised that I'd stumbled across a cute product idea!

I set up a little website and made the cutlery in the evenings after work. After 6 months Liberty London emailed me asking if they could stock my products- that was when I realised I should take the leap and pursue The Cutlery Commission full time.

2. Do you believe that all the things we think are 'going wrong' are actually going towards making us who we are meant to be?

​100%. I dropped out of university at 19 and became a barmaid... after 8 years of expensive private education. I never really found my ‘thing’ and drifted between jobs for years. It was purely by accident that I set up The Cutlery Commission, and with no business experience whatsoever.

Now at 36 - I don’t own a house... I am a single parent which was obviously never my plan, and all of my friends are married and settled down with children.

And I’ve never been happier.

Tripping the light fantastic with my soul mate - who I’ve known & fancied for 15 years but never thought our paths would join.

Trust your clock!

​3. What 3 things do you insist on doing regularly for your own wellbeing?​

I dog walk most mornings after school drop off, it clears my mind and wakes my body up.

I also do yoga and go to the gym, both make me feel great afterwards and help me fight the anxiety that I often feel. My boyfriend and I like to go to the coast once a month... the sea, fresh air and time away from work make me feel so happy. Be it a cheap B&B, cosy holiday cottage or static caravan - we just like to run away together for a few days.

​4. Your Instagram Stories are SO FUNNY. ​Why do we love Instagram more than other social media platforms? Is it because it's so informal, positive and full of captivating images?

For me, it's brilliant because it's visual. I think creative people enjoy looking at pictures more than reading lots of text....Twitter sends me to sleep! Stories are clever too, because you can post stuff on them which isn't necessarily 'pretty' enough for your actual Instagram profile and they disappear in 24hrs. Hence why I upload such daft things on my stories!

You can find Katie on Instagram here:

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