5 Quickfire Questions with Janie from The Healing Company

Photograph by Anca Maria Bilt

1. What's your favourite item in your wardrobe that you can always throw on and feel good? At the moment, my baggy harem trousers - I am a comfort-first girl! It's like wearing pyjamas. I am so lucky that I can wear what I like for work - if I am comfortable clients get a better treatment!

2. Where is your favourite place to go out in Cheltenham to eat and drink?

We are so spoilt for choice, aren't we? I love The Coconut Tree, Wagamama, Thai Family and The Tavern... that's just for starters. (See what I did there?)

3. How did you get into Healing and realise you had a gift for healing people?

I always wanted to understand what makes people tick and how to help them feel better but trying to decide on a career was overwhelming. Careers advice at school was useless! I'm a late 'blossomer' and didn't really know what my right path was until I was in my 30s. As a child I often sensed things without being told and saw things that 'weren't there'. I believe anyone can learn healing skills, the rest is a question of aptitude and experience. Over the years I did my degree in acting, then health sciences, psychology, massage, coaching, reflexology, two different types of Reiki up to master level, Havening Techniques® - so I have studied many courses and absorbed as much as I could from the amazing people I have met in the mind-body field. I was the manager at the Isbourne Centre for six years and whilst there met and organised events for a whole list of high-level speakers, teachers, scientists and authors such as the late Masaru Emoto and Gill Edwards, Byron Katie, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Dr David Hamilton, Judy Hall, Sandy Newbigging, Graham Hancock and many more.

4. Do you ever have moments of doubt, and if so what do you do to get back on track?

Of course, I am human! When I feel like that I try to reflect on the positive things people have said when I have made a difference to their lives, to re-align with my purpose, and the WHY. I re-read the testimonials and letters I've had from challenging client cases and remember how I was able to deal with them successfully. I look at the amazing people in my life and feel grateful - this always changes the mindset. I focus on letting go of all negative self-talk. Sometimes I can be hard on myself, so I use Reiki, meditation, self-Havening and all the tools I have to clear any unhelpful thoughts, dig deep and find the spark inside me -as in us all - that is pure perfection.

5. What do you see yourself doing in 5 years' time?

An expanded version of what I do now - with writing, workshops and talks, alongside running a collaborative healing retreat centre in sunnier climes, where people can drop in and be assessed, then receive wonderful healing and complementary health care from experts, tailor-made for the individual. I am interested in collaboration not competition - and I believe this approach is the way forward to success. Caring about people makes me happy - I am so grateful to be able to do what I love best for a 'job'!

Thank you for asking :-)

Find out more about Janie and The Healing Company HERE...

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