Admitting Failure

A Blog a Day Keeps The Doctor Away - Or Does It?

A few days ago I set myself a task of doing a blog a day, with a newfound fervour for writing. Today is Day 5 and I have to admit failure. It is probably not going to be achievable without dropping another of my spinning plates, so I will have to change my challenge to every other day, or once a week perhaps. Every day is too ambitious, and too many for you to read as well.

And actually, what's wrong with doctors, and why would we keep them away, when we have ailments?

I lay awake last night thinking of things to write about. I had so many ideas I thought about getting a notebook and jotting them down. Only fleetingly though, as Mark would have been annoyed at having his sleep disturbed. And now it's 10.30pm and too late to be contemplating a proper, thoughtful blog with all sorts of well chosen images.

Today I've added and announced a new client, attended a two-hour Havening appointment, dropped skincare samples off, seen family and kissed two of my little nephews, cooked fajitas for the family and been out for a massage with three girlfriends at our friend's house who is a holistic therapist. I've also dipped in and out of social media promoting clients, facilitating noticeboards and have given several recommendations. I think that is enough.

However... thinking about it... even though this is an 'admitting failure' blog, it's still a blog, so technically I'm still on for the challenge if I can find fresh energy tomorrow.

For future blogs I'm thinking of subjects like: Why Coaches have Coaches; Dating The Long Way; Why I'm a Writer and Not an Artist; 3 Inspiring People; 3 Favourite Wisdom Quotes; Why Honesty is the Best Policy; How to Stop Our Kids Being Addicted; Putting Down Roots; Dream Home; Style Not Fashion; What To Spend Your Money On; Anyone Can Blog; 3 Things We Can Learn From Dogs.

Which ones out of those shall I do? Would any of those subjects interest you? If not, then send me a title and I'll see if it's something I could write about.

Love Sal x

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