4 of the Best Cocktails in Cheltenham

I set myself the tough task of trying some of the cocktails Cheltenham has to offer in order to share my findings with you. I know it's a painstaking job but someone has to do it. Here are the results:

1) Wendy's Rum Punch at Marinades

Wendy's Rum Punch is the strongest rum punch I've had in Cheltenham, and perhaps in the UK. Anything else pales into insignificance. One is enough to make you merry. Two might make you legless, so make sure you leave the car at home when you go to Marinades.

2) Drunken Sri Lankan at The Coconut Tree

This refreshing coco-tail at The Coconut Tree is served in a mug called Ruby the Elephant. There is a virgin option if you want to take the kids to enjoy Ruby too.

Ruby was the name of the first @ceylonarrack based cocktail and is also the name chosen for a little orphaned elephant being fostered by the Rockland Conservation and cared for by The Elephant Transit Home run by The Department of Wildlife and Conservation in Sri Lanka. You will be helping with the care and conservation of Ruby and her friends as they dedicate a % of each sale of this exquisite coconut spirit to ETH.

3) Rose Gold Margarita at Door 4 Montpellier

This one was created by Door 4 Montpellier especially for the launch of my Sali Green Skincare range to go with the rose gold branding so you may not find it on the menu - I am sure they will make one for you if you put in a special request. It's sparkly and tangy, not too sweet and goes down very easily.

4) Bloody Mary at 131

This is a must-try classic with just the right amount of spice kick and aroma to make the tomato juice sing. It's a vodka-soaked nutritional breakfast and hangover cure.

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Love Sal x

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