5 Benefits of Kids' Day Camps

Here are some reasons why signing your children up for day camps can be so beneficial...

1. Keeps Them Off Technology

I've put this as the top benefit because gaming , social media and screen addiction really is an epidemic these days. It's the easiest babysitter for our kids but are we creating monsters? There are plusses - it gives them good computer skills and keeps their reflexes sharp, but the minuses can be all encompassing. Too much time engrossed in gaming causes them to become short-tempered and obsessive to the point where they'd rather miss a meal than leave their game to come down to the dinner table. There are also the risks of cyber-bullying, missing out on fresh air and staying up way too late. Enrolling them in alternative activities will keep them occupied and stimulated in much healthier and happier ways and will lead them away from isolation and gaming addiction.

2. Social Skills & Self Esteem

Following on from Point 1, at day camps kids are hanging out with each other in real life with plenty of play, learning, fun, teamwork, sport and other pursuits. Activity leaders are positive, enthusiastic role models who encourage them to build on their strengths, stick at things and socialise in a nurturing environment. This helps with confidence and social skills and introduces integration and diversity. It also gives them an opportunity to be children in an increasingly stressful world, have positive peer relationships and develop respect for community and authority.

3. Fun Activities for Them - Free Time For You

While the children are busy being entertained and challenged at their camp days or after school clubs, you get guilt-free time for work, enjoyment, fitness classes or self care, which in turn makes you better equipped for parenting and focussing on work.

4. Wellbeing

The fresh air and physical activity are both factors to improve your kids' wellbeing and a good camp will also include meditation and mindfulness which helps them to look within, know how to be calmer and use breathing techniques to settle stress and anxiety.

5. Skill Building

So many positive skills can be built during time in camps and clubs. The children learn leadership, teamwork, problem solving, responsibility, self-discipline and a sense of initiative as well as whatever activities their club or camp offers, such as archery, craft, performing arts or sports to name just a few.

Always look at reviews before booking your child / children in so that you can see what other parents have said. Our recommended and trusted kids' camp for Gloucestershire is Camp 4-2-11 which is rated Outstanding by Ofsted and includes mindfulness as well as a multitude of activities to suit every child. You can visit the website here and follow KatesKidsCamps on Instagram.

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