5 Local Marketing Tips

In the competitive online business environment it is essential to learn ways of expressing yourself on social media in order to reach the people you want to reach. I feel like I've given these tips so many times before in so many places so it's good to have it all in one place.

Here are 5 quickfire tips for marketing your business locally:

1) Be Yourself

It's easy to get carried away with Dos and Don'ts and influenced by everything we soak in from watching other people's social media updates. Remind yourself how unique you are and how excellent your product or services are and this will pull you back time and again to the important rule of being who you really are. It's the best way to attract like-minded contacts, followers and clients. Engage with your people, because loyal connections give good reviews and word of mouth recommendations. If you like to use humour or goof around a little then let that come across - it's part of your personality and others will find it relatable.

2) Use 'Google My Business'

This is a no-brainer but can be overlooked in the flurry of boxes you have to tick when setting up and promoting your business online. In order to be found in searches effectively you must register with Google My Business. Follow the instructions, get listed and watch your SEO results grow as a result.

3) Focus on Your 2 Favourite Social Media Platforms

Although ideally you need to have a presence / profile on all the main social media platforms, focus your attention on the two which you prefer using and interacting with best.

4) Be Consistent

Be regular and consistent with your posts, branding, tutorials, networking or whatever it is you mainly do towards marketing. Make a note in your diary or set an electronic reminder to give you a nudge so that you don't let things slip.

5) Define Your Message

Make sure you get across the following points when talking and posting about your business and in your printed material:

  • What You Offer

  • How It Helps Solve Problems

  • What The Reader Has To Do To Next

That's it for now! Hope you have found these useful. If you have, then why not share to someone else who could benefit from these 5 marketing tips?

Warm wishes

Sal x

Sali Green is the founder of Cheltenham Lifestyle & Business and Cheltenham Noticeboard, promoting trusted businesses and connecting local people, using social media and word of mouth recommendations.


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