5 Quickfire Questions with Jayne Burke

Photograph by Steve Rolfe.

Jayne Burke is a holistic therapist in the pretty village of Winchcombe in the Cotswolds.

I asked her a few questions so we could get to know her better...

1. Tell us about the rainbow colours in your hair.

I can’t help smiling when I see a rainbow or when I hear the song 'Somewhere over the rainbow'. It truly is a wonderful world. Rainbows make me happy and as I’m also a Laughter and Happiness Therapist (amongst all of my other Holistic Therapies), I love the idea of continually spreading happiness. Having a hidden rainbow in my hair makes me feel that happiness is always with me and it offers those behind me an opportunity to stop (stare!) and smile for themselves. Smiling produces lots of happy hormones in our bodies so it really will help to brighten their day too.

My first logo (over 20 years ago) was a hand drawn me with a rainbow above me and a row of footsteps underneath me and I’m pretty sure that my first Instagram photo is of a rainbow I spotted in Bristol.

2. What tip would you give to anyone who isn't sleeping very well?

Along with all of the normal advice (no screen, alcohol, late meals or stress, and to wind down with a warm bath, milky drink and lettuce sandwich – just kidding!) I talk to my clients about bedroom hygiene (e.g. no gadgets, workstations, clutter or mess). I also teach them how to do a 'brain dump' and suggest they do this at least half an hour before they go to bed each night. Oh, and obviously to book regular Holistic Therapy sessions with me! Pain and stress is often a contributing factor to not sleeping well, so helping people to reduce their pain and stress means that many of my clients report better sleeping habits.

3. What's your favourite pastime when you are not seeing a client or building your business?

I love sunbathing! Lying in the sun is my idea of total bliss. There is a point when I suddenly feel myself drop into very deep relaxation and everything in my body completely relaxes and lets go and then I find that I really start to absorb the energy from the sun and I feel it fuelling and energising my body and also filling me up with lots of happy thoughts. I also experience something similar when receiving a Holistic Massage myself.

4. Do you work with a business coach, and if so what is the main tip you would pass on to other independent businesses?

Yes I have, and do still, work with a variety of people who help me to move my business forward (some call themselves professional business coaches, some don’t). My main tip would be to get yourself a coach. Other tips would be to have them hold you accountable. Set deadlines, but be realistic with your timeframes. Remember that it’s ok to sit with an idea for a while first before blindly implementing it.

5. If you could go on holiday anywhere in the world for a whole month, where would it be and why?

I love holidaying with my family and friends, however my ideal holiday - especially if I was to take a whole month - would be a mini retreat on my own to completely recharge my batteries, do some personal development work and also explore some new plans for my business. I would choose a cottage in Wales with a sun filled garden and big trees nearby, preferably with a waterfall too. I’d take my walking boots, a pile of books to read, a notepad and a pencil and I would also spend lots of time in the hot tub. Alternatively, anywhere abroad that is quiet, peaceful and sunny – maybe Richard Branson’s Necker Island…

That sounds blissful, Jayne! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us.

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