5 Top Tips for Being Positive No Matter What

Title idea by Daney Parker on Twitter

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The internet is rife with tips for positivity. Why should mine be any different? They're not! They're just my version. You can't have too many positivity ideas because as we all know, our minds can be cruel room-mates. Over the years I've been developing my own mental wellbeing toolkit using everything I've learnt and am still learning. You could call them coping mechanisms, life skills, strategies... whatever... but I find them so valuable to daily living as a human being in our current world. So I whipped up a few to share with you in response to Daney's #journorequest and here they are...

1) Gratitude - it’s the proven way to feel better about your life and to appreciate what you have. If you get into the habit of thinking of what you’re grateful for whenever your mind is slipping into worry or negativity, it’s amazing how fast you can turn things around. Today I'm grateful for:

  • a bright and sunny afternoon although it's December

  • the peace and quiet of my office to work from home

  • dogs at my feet for companionship

  • snacks in the fridge

  • family

How about you?

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(Cartoon of Frankie and Daphne is by Mat Jolly at Jolly Good Design.)

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2) Don’t Let In Other People’s Criticism - we have enough of that stuff coming from our own minds, let alone the opinions and judgement of others. You are doing your best! We spend so much of our lives feeling like we are not enough.

'Letting go of others’ criticism can change your entire life just like that'.

I got this tip when listening to Marisa Peer's advice on YouTube. (I didn't realise she was the psychologist they used to consult on Big Brother! I was drawn to her more recently because Philippa Gray of The Rise & Shine Academy told me about her and gave me one of her books. YouTube knew I'd like to listen to a Marisa video because our phones listen to us and perhaps they read our minds too. As I would say if I was a Conspiracy Theorist.)

3) Call Your Friends - they probably battle with negative thoughts every day too; it’s what humans do.

Four female friends on a walk up Cleeve Hill near Cheltenham.

Calling or messaging your friends or family and reaching out for a bit of a boost can do wonders for how your day goes.

4) Take Care of Your Wellbeing - this includes what you eat, how much sleep you get, drinking enough water, taking supplements if needed, exercising, relaxing, laughing, walks in nature, having time to do what you want. These are all so obvious and people go on and on about them, but we need to remind ourselves because they are so crucial to how we feel. You might not have seen other reminders today and yet here you are reading this... you must have needed the reminder :)

5) Blast Out The Tunes - music can change your mood. Fact! Shift those negative thoughts and feelings by putting on something that makes you feel motivated and inspired. It’s a real quick fix. Not everyone has the time or is in the right location to lie down and meditate or take a hot bath, but most people have a pair of headphones and a device on them.

About The Author

Sali Wijesinghe Green by John Hopkins, photographer in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

Sali is a 50 year old recently married woman who juggles all sorts of things and knows she's not the only one doing that. So she writes about her life and experiences in the hope that others will relate to it and find comfort and support in knowing we're all in this together. Sali had Generalised Anxiety Disorder for about 40-45 years and when she discovered holistic and psychological therapies and explored beliefs, she found that the world of self development was her passion. She runs her own business, has an interesting husband (lol), a teenaged son, 3 stepchildren and 2 dogs. (God it's weird writing about oneself in the third person.)

Photograph by John Hopkins. He does free photography of people and dogs. Contact me if you're local to Cheltenham and could do with his help.

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