7 Ways to Wake Up & Shake Up Your Small Business

After my coaching session with Robin Waite he gave me an assignment to do as homework: create a list of 7 ways owners of small businesses can raise their profile in my Lifestyle & Business Club and maximise their membership. So here goes...


You're welcome to send me a tasty piece of information now and then which I could add into the social media scheduling tool. (No more than 1 per month.) This can be done via email or within our Facebook group the Lifestyle & Business Lounge.

Example: Magdalena posted a pic of her exercise shoes and information about the new beginners' fitness classes she is doing with Wellness In Motion. I then made a post out of it, added a boost, and put it into the social media scheduling tool to roll out on a loop with all the other posts until December. (Magdalena is on the Classic Package, hence the paid boost.)


I am blogging several times a week now so if you'd like to do a guest blog, please make it inspirational, personal, useful advice, or fun. No sales pitches - it will be linked to your website anyway. The blog is here if you want to see what sort of things me and the guest bloggers are writing about: www.saligreen.co.uk/blog


Cheltenham Noticeboard now has over 8000 members and I run the group (with 2 other admins) so make sure you are in it so that I can tag you for recommendations where appropriate. There's an advertising thread most weekdays with a different question each time: use it! You can't post ads to the wall on there, however as a member you CAN post ads on the walls of the following groups: Local Business Community Solidarity Sister Business Group (for the ladies!) Lifestyle & Wellbeing Group LIFESTYLE & BUSINESS LOUNGE.


Attending our Business Club events helps form relationships and sometimes results in collaborations or new business. The food is lovely and so is the company :) You're missing out if you don't come to at least one of these each year! If you'd like to be a speaker at one of the events, give me a shout. As with the guest blog, your talk should be inspiring or moving, informative or fun, rather than a sales pitch. This builds trust and people are more likely to do business with you or recommend you if they find you approachable and friendly.


I'm making a 'Work Lounge' in my home so that members can come along and speak, hold mini workshops or talks, or come to learn from other group members. If you're a coach or expert who could help others with their businesses or can provide holistic treatments or a pop-up event, then let's put a date in the diary for 2019.


Contact me if you want paid FB boosts on any particular month. Members on the top two packages get these anyway but I can do bespoke targeted boosts when required, according to how much you want to spend on them and how long you want them to run for.


Every month I compose a gorgeous newsletter which goes out via email to our members and lots of other friends and business contacts who trust our recommendations, support our network and enjoy the articles. If you have something exciting or newsworthy please send it along and mark it clearly as news for the e-magazine. Bear in mind we have over 100 Business Club members and everyone needs a turn during the course of the year.

There you go - do those 7 things and you will be on FIRE!

Love Sal x

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