A History of Singing Bowls

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Singing bowls are widely recognised as being part of therapeutic and cleansing rituals. Their vibrations are used to:

1. Promote deep relaxation

2. Reduce stress and anxiety

3. Balance the chakras

4. Boost the immune system

5. Improve circulation

The history of Singing Bowls is shrouded in mystery. It is said that they were first made over 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, which would make them one of the most ancient artisan products.

Tibetan Singing bowls have been used by Buddhist monks for many centuries as part of the religious ceremonies and mantras.

During the Chinese invasion of Tibet the monks were forced to flee, taking their singing bowls with them. At this point a lot of their history was lost, but it meant that singing bowls became known and used in the western world.

When water is put inside the bowls, it is possible to see the incredible vibrations that playing them produces – you can literally see the ‘sound waves’.

Researched and written by Debs Willis of Cheltenham Social Media.

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