As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs

I am so proud of this woman...

Lucia Tar came to me for an Ideas Session where we got to know each other and talked about her small business - cakes! One of the ideas that came forth was that she could post a bit about her ingredients and she said she gets her free range eggs from a local farm. BINGO! I suggested she went along and took photos, mentioned the farm and gave them a shout out and they would probably do the same for her.

Below is a lovely montage she made of visiting the farm, as well as an example of her cakes. (Her Facebook page is called Lucy's Indulgence.)

Another thing that came up is that Lucia is a bit shy, as English is not her first language, and that her goal with her business is to make beautiful cakes full time and be able to run her business as a full time job. She turned up at our New Year Marketing Strategy For 2020 workshop at NR Social Cheltenham with Rosie Reynolds Marketing and made notes of Rosie's advice. This is a determined woman who is going to make a success of her business! Well done lovely Lucia!

'I use good quality ingredients and one of them are free-range eggs 🥚from a local farm; Oakleys Free Range Farm. I am happy to use the eggs in the cakes, that hens see the light daily 🌞, what happy chickens.🐓🐓

The benefits of free-range eggs: Contain higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E and beta carotene that typical eggs found on supermarkets shelves. Also free-range eggs contain three to six times as much vitamin D as store-bought eggs.'

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