Back to School - 3 Key Safety Tips for the New Term

It's Back to School time soon. I always think it's a bit mean that the kids have to start seeing those Back to School promotions and uniform displays pretty much at the very start of the summer hols.

Anyway they seem to urgently need all sorts of new pens and stationery and (for secondary schoolers) gum shields and what's with all these wetsuit-like undergarments they suddenly need for rugby?

Talking of rugby, and safety, I've asked Clare Seed to give us 3 Key Safety Tips for the new term. Clare is the founder and director of Tidal Training Direct, Cheltenham's highest rated and fully accredited centre for first aid training excellence.

1) Cycle Helmets are a Must

Ask any paramedic how god damn awful it is to arrive at the scene where a child has been in a road traffic collision. You do NOT want your child ending up in this situation. Some 24,101 people were seriously injured on Britain’s roads in 2016 and figures are increasing by an estimated 10% a year.

It's far more important to get a good quality cycle helmet than it is a new XBox controller. Think #SafetyFirst

2) Headphones

If your child likes to listen to music while walking to school, make it clear to them that they are going to be far less aware of the environment and noises that could alert them to danger. They need to be on the ball about crossing roads, and fully aware of their surroundings as car and bike owners are not always concentrating either. Naturally personal and public safety and awareness are vitally important, which is all too often reported in the news. Not painting an overly rosy picture here, are we? Just being practical! Forewarned is forearmed. Keep the music at a volume that allows you to still hear and be mindful of what's going on around you. Let’s get there – and back – safely 😊

3) Panic and Asthma Attacks

Sometimes children are going to experience, or witness, a panic or asthma attack. Asthma is the most common long-term medical condition in children, affecting 1.1 million, or one in 11 children in England, Scotland and Wales and 5.4 million including adults in the UK.

'Children with asthma should be reminded to use their inhalers regularly before returning to school to help prevent a spike in September hospital admissions', says the Royal College of Nursing. Asthma-related hospital admissions have increased significantly in school-age children in September in recent years.

The RCN says a lack of regular routine over the school holidays means many youngsters forget to use their inhalers. This leaves them less in control of their symptoms and more vulnerable (source - BBC News).

Our tips for these situations are to firstly check for danger before getting involved and remain calm.

Asthma is a potentially life-threatening condition so encourage children to find an adult or nominated first aider immediately who can make a more informed decision. If the child is responding, sit them in a safe place and reassure them. Ask them if they have medication, and if they normally take it themselves. If so, find it and give it to them. If they are unable to take it themselves, contact the Emergency Services on 999.

It is important to note that if you are in a remote location, dialling 112 is recommended.

If this occurs within school grounds, many schools have protocols in place for medical incidents and emergencies. It is important to be familiar with them and to follow them.

Need to know more?

Tidal Training Direct Ltd runs accredited and Ofqual regulated First Aid training courses to give businesses and individuals the confidence to act in an accident, injury or emergency. Tel 01242 371 799.

Love Sal and Clare x

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