Back to School, Back to Wellbeing for YOU

We’ve all had a well-earned break, the summer holidays have made new memories and stories of breaks away to sun, sand, sea and relaxation and coming up with daily ideas to keep the little ones entertained for SIX WHOLE WEEKS. But now it’s back to school and 'normality' is bound to resume, isn’t it time you thought about time for yourself?

Yes, the autumn months are drawing closer and in the shop windows and on your screens will be the glaring advertisements for Hallowe'en treats and winter festivities and the little darlings politely asking what they want from Santa on the 25th of December because they have definitely been oh so good this year….

OK STOP! I apologise, I have gone too far and have got carried away.

However I do hope you get the idea, during the next few months, how quickly the memories of summer will be behind you and the thoughts of pleasing your loved ones become primary to your own needs. And what happens if you forget about Number One? Possibly stress, frustration, anxiety, comfort eating, anger? All of these feelings can come about because we are neglecting a need to look after ourselves. Yes it’s lovely to feel wanted and needed and that we are fulfilling those needs and wants of others but what about YOU? Do you treat yourself? Do you feel that you do enough to feel good about yourself?

Living in Cheltenham is such a joy. We are almost spoilt for choice of the variety of activities we are adorned with. Whether it’s cinema, theatre, festivals, restaurants, coffee shops, wellness centres, gyms, team events, leisure centres and retail. When it comes to being active or seeking relaxation, there has to be a time to focus on your needs.

What are your options?

You could consider personal training sessions, group fitness sessions or regular holistic massages.

1. Group Sessions

Attending group sessions can improve, strength, cardio, weight loss and social inclusion.

kettle bell Cheltenham Gloucestershire

2. Personal Training

For a more personal approach, targeted towards your fitness goals you will find huge benefit from working with a personal trainer who will support you during your journey.

3. Massage

Holistic massage encourages relaxation, to ease away those stressful knots or just to drift away for an hour and let someone else do the hard work.

massage in Cheltenham

It is important to look after yourself, especially when you have others 'depending' on you. Being active isn’t just about looking good, it’s about feeling good too, which improves mental health and general wellbeing.

Ask yourself one question, at the end of the day when you have been looking out for everyone else, who looks after you? Take a load off your mind, lace up your trainers and allocate a regular amount of time for your own fitness and wellbeing.

About Chris

Chris Vonk is a Personal Trainer at Wellness in Motion which is a wellness studio situated near the centre of Cheltenham by Pittville Gates.

Chris specialises in training people in speed, agility, strength and looks to boost your mood, energy and confidence. If the thought of attending the gym or getting fit overwhelming and intimidating, Chris will be with you every step of your fitness journey – you will see a new perspective and enjoyment to getting fitter and working towards a better you.

Chris Vonk Wellness In Motion Personal Trainer Cheltenham

And now for the personal bit - the part that our readers always love - Chris is marrying his business partner and fellow personal trainer Magdalena Lorynska in May 2020. He is looking forward to the official title of husband to his life partner and stepdad to her son.

Chris Vonk and Magdalena PT Cheltenham

Wellness in Motion was created in the spirit of authenticity, positivity and love. There are no membership fees - it's not a gym. Chris and Mags invite you to 'ignite your wellbeing' with Wellness In Motion, 122 Winchcombe Street, Cheltenham, GL52 2NW.

At time of publishing this blog (September 2019) they are offering end of summer packages on personal training, group sessions and Thai massage.

To enquire please contact Chris: or 07500 030324.

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