Colour Analysis & Clothes - Do You Really Need Your Colours Done?

The answer is yes and no! Not much help initially, but bear with as every question that relates to us has answers that sit at various places on a spectrum, because we are all unique human beings requiring an individual answer.

My advice is firstly go with your instinct. Most of us kind of know when a garment or outfit isn’t right. We look in the mirror and say, “Gosh, I can’t wear that” and then hurriedly go and get changed. Next time that happens, before you get changed do the 'fit & feel' test, i.e. is the garment/outfit too baggy, too snug, to revealing, not weather appropriate, a bit casual, too formal etc. Once you’ve ruled out ‘fit & feel’ it could be the colour, or colour combination that’s not right for you at that time. I must stress colours change albeit outside factors like season and lighting, or our own natural skin and hair colour, and conscious changes like hair dye. When it comes to our skin it not just sun tanning, our skin can redden or blush at different times of our lives, and we all go a tone greyer as we age too.

A lot to match up, which leads me onto informing you that if you have had your colours done a while ago, it’s still worth checking they are still working for you.

Once you’ve identified that it is the colour that is the problem, you have two choices:

  1. Accept that particular colour is not for you, there are lots of other colours to wear.

  2. You actually love the colour and already have lots of that colour in your wardrobe because you are naturally attracted to it. Help!?

Help is here. It is in fact possible for everyone to wear every colour as long as it’s in the correct hue, depth and clarity to compliment one’s natural colouring rather than causing an awkward imbalance.

I understand the last sentence is not the quick fix answer you were hoping for, so here’s a round up of what to do:

  • Check it is the Colour of the garment that is the problem, not fit, feel or style

  • appropriateness.

  • If you don’t LOVE the colour anyway, don’t angst over it, give it away or sell it.

  • Or if you want to make a colour you love work for you, consider ways of wearing it with accessories or layering to alter the immediate impact.

If this still hasn’t answered the question of what colour clothing suits you best and why, I am offering a 1hr colour consultation (yes with drapes, so you can see and understand why some colours look better on you than others) for just £40*

*You won’t have a whopping 42 colour booklet to take away, nor will I keep you here for 3 hours selling you scarves, cardigans and makeup in your perfect colours - because that would cost a small mortgage and not be at all considerate to your own unique style.

My colour session will end with your best 5-10 colours in a digital palette, including neutrals that you can apply immediately to your wardrobe.

Love Sarah x

About Sarah Cross

In 1994, as a newly fledged fashion graduate I followed my dream to become a fashion designer landing my first job as a designer/pattern-cutter for a London boutique, before moving on to designing for the High Street. I was young, felt incredibly lucky and was overweight. I mention this because working in an industry where gorgeous clothes were there for the taking and where seemingly stylish people were all around me, I felt a little out of place, a little different. I did two things. Firstly I took up a new hobby called exercise, and secondly I started to ignore what I thought I was supposed to look like, and focused on what I wanted to wear, how clothes made me feel and what style I wanted to portray. My new way of looking at clothes helped me to dress with confidence regardless of shape, size or even what trends where telling me.

"You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it" - Edith Head​

12 years, 2 children and a relocation to the Cotswolds later, I became a lecturer in Fashion & Clothing along side running a couple of my own exercise classes in the evenings. I continued styling friends, fitting their clothes and re-designing garments until 2012 when I made the decision to reduce my lecturing role and train as an Image Consultant. To my surprise, I gained 'Best Newcomer Award' that year. I continue to use my fashion design experience and garment construction knowledge when editing wardrobes, and also draw on my own story of knowing you don't have to be the same as everyone else to be stylish. My approach to working with clients is getting to know them from the inside, which enables us to accomplish your desired look on the outside.​

My website is

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