Ear, Ear!

In case you ever find yourself in this situation, I thought I'd share my experience of it so you'll know what to do about it and what to expect.

I had a blocked ear that was getting worse and worse, until it felt like I was underwater and I was started to get pressure headaches. Everything sounded dull and I was having to hold my ear open with my finger to hear anyone speak to me properly. It was driving me a bit mad so I went to the doctor about it. He said that I should soften the wax with drops of olive oil and that I could make an appointment to have it syringed. I'd heard that Specsavers does a wax removal service so I asked the doctor's opinion on that. He said that was a gold star treatment and that it would do the job very well. I opted for the Specsavers service - at the time of writing, it's £50 to have one or both ears vacuumed. I got an appointment for the same week and couldn't wait for the time to come when they were going to sort out my problem for me.

The man in the Hearing Department at Specsavers checked my ears, explained everything that would happen and then put a mini vacuum cleaner into my ear, which sucked up all the wax through a thin tube. It was quick, pain-free and brought my full hearing back immediately. He showed me the wax he'd taken out of my ear. I feel so much better having had this done!

6 Ear Care Tips

1. Never insert anything into your ear, eg cotton buds. They may get some wax out but at the same time they will be pushing some further down where it can become compacted.

2. Pour a few drops of olive oil into your ear to soften the wax. This will sometimes solve your problem in itself and you won't need to go for the micro suction. You can do it once a month for upkeep or if you've booked an appointment for ear wax removal then do it morning and night for a few days before the appointment is due.

3. Keep your ears dry.

4. Clean around the canal with a damp towel-gently.

5. The best solution is always to seek a professional opinion and care when possible and take medication only as directed.

6. Go for Access Bars holistic treatment to ease pressure if blocked ears are causing you headaches.

(Debs told me that her mother's mantra was: "never put anything in your ear that's smaller than your elbow..." !)

This blog hasn't been sponsored by Specsavers. There was no option on their Facebook for me to leave a positive review so I thought I'd write on our own website instead.

Sal x

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