For the Love of DANCE

As she left the dance studio, having bravely returned to revisit her childhood passion of some 20 years ago, I heard her say, “that took me right back to my school days when I danced and performed in school shows and absolutely loved it”. Grinning from ear to ear with a glowing pink flush and shimmer of sweat, I realised I had heard that phrase a number of times and it made me question why, as grown-ups, we quit on all our childhood hobbies yet encourage our kids to embrace them all to enrich their lives. Do our lives no longer need enriching? They do. Hobbies matter and they come with an added perk - plenty of health benefits! They’re fun, and fun is happy. So, if you don’t have a hobby but you would like one, it’s time to reminisce.

Research suggests that the hobbies you enjoyed between the ages of 7-14 would be a fairly safe bet. Apparently, the joy is still within us. For me it’s dance. I have always loved the big musical shows and dancing to songs from these takes me to my happiest place, a place where my imagination takes over and for the length of the class, I am the star of the show! Dancing is like entering a whole new world, full of glamour, where everyone just wants to enjoy themselves. It’s worth diving into. The fact that

it’s great for your fitness is also a big plus, but it’s not just fitness in a weight- loss kind of way. Dancing is great for your brain, it can improve your mindset,

increase your social life and generally amp up your overall well-being.

Hobbies – they’re not a frivolous thing, they actually make you more interesting and give you something to talk about that adds depth to your identity. People enjoy surrounding themselves with curious, passionate people who have stories to tell. A rich, active life is inspiring and will inspire others too. I will forever be grateful that I turned my love of dance into my career.

Here’s to finding your happy hobby!

Love Danella


About Danella

Danella Mercati is from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire and through her love of dance she started ChiChi Fit - Musical Theatre inspired dance fitness classes. She also loves family adventures, keeping chickens, and glitter.

The ChiChi Fit website is here:

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