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Updated: Nov 30, 2019

The menopause is Nature's last laugh. Fact. Having endured the monthly tribulations of dealing with the cramps, the back ache, the bad timing, sneaking sanitary products around to avoid embarrassing friends and colleagues and not to mention the appalling inconvenience, they don't just fade away... oh no! The Menopause has over 34 symptoms and leaves a large number of women reeling, and unable to continue living life in quite the same way. 

Anna Millington has become something of an expert. Not one to put up with some of the more debilitating aspects of the casually named 'Change' and determined that it wasn't all 'inevitable', she decided to educate herself - particularly with regard to the conflicting advice on HRT. 

Anna started her investigations and came across some fabulous advice and guidance available on Podcasts. She has very kindly shared her Top 5:

1. the-happy-menopause

This was the first one I started listening to. It felt a bit grown up for me but I learnt a lot. It made me not worry about HRT So much!


2. megs-menopause-podcast

 My favourite. More my age! I liked the fact she’s an ex party girl. Very honest and open. Also amusing. This podcast made me go to the doctors and get HRT. She interviews REAL, honest people too. Put me totally at ease and now I actually class Meg as my friend. 


3. the-little-peace-of-mind-podcast

 Only listened to a few of these as I felt like it was nothing new. All interesting facts though and it’s good to listen to as much information as you can. What I’ve learnt is that doctors do 3 hours on the menopause in their 7 years of training - so by overloading with information and arming myself with knowledge I could help my doctor help me.

4. how-to-fail-with-elizabeth-day

 This is what I started listening to next. Not necessarily about the menopause but it was recommended by 'Davina' who is going through the menopause. It’s really good for relaxing your mind and your mind makes you anxious when you go through the menopause... it’s also really interesting.


5. deliciously-ella

Again not directly about the menopause... but it’s bloody brilliant. I’ve been sending individual podcasts to various family members and friends. So helpful. FOMO is an actual condition! 

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