Meet The Owner - Diana Karenza Robinson of Forest Hog

Updated: Nov 18, 2019

Let's face it, we're a nosey old bunch around these parts. So we've been sending out questions to local business owners to find our more about them. Here are 20 questions and answers with lovely Diana who moved here from South Africa and has created her own wonderful brand of eco cleaning products because she wants to do her bit for the environment.

1. How long have you lived here?

4 years

2. Favourite place to eat in Gloucestershire.

I seldom eat out, however if we do we normally pop down to the Gloucester Quays and find somewhere.

3. Favourite country you've visited on holiday.


4. Favourite ice cream flavour.

I don’t eat ice cream! Have never really liked it. Yes, I know, hard to believe!

5. Sweet or salty popcorn?


6. What genre of movies do you like?

Really good humour, drama and captivating thriller that is not too way off the mark! Love musicals and good old fashioned cowboys – oh like true drama too and animal movies except I normally end up crying! No specific category – I like thought provoking/captivating/ heart warming or really good humour.

7. Favourite song.

I have so many favourites! Depends on my mood!

Sali: I'm going to have to press you on this...

8. What has been your biggest life lesson so far?

Not consistently following my heart!

9. What do you like best about having your own business?

The flexi time, but at the moment I have no time!

10. What changes will you have made to your lifestyle in 5 years' time ideally?

This is my dream – Forest Hog becomes a household brand that’s loved by many and our exit strategy is to sell up in 5 years – 7 years. Over the next 5 years I will still be promoting my other passions – Equine Thermography and Gentle Massage – publish the book on a technique I developed with horses 15 years ago called the Equus Soul Technique – this is 3 part series (2020). This was designed to work with traumatised women who’d been gang raped or highjacked as I was and many others have been and is still ongoing in SA. I then found that it evolved into me transforming the lives of seriously traumatised horses and completely rehabilitated 64 to love humans and they all found new homes. Only 2 I had no success with. Develop my art following and get some good commissions – I have painted the roof of a chapel before! My first book is ready for publishing in a week, the other 3 are in the development stage – 2020 and 2021.

11. Name a person you'd love to invite to dinner.

David Attenborough

SG: Oh I totally get that!

12. Which actor would play the part of you in a movie?

Meryl Streep

13. Favourite social media platform.

Facebook cos I know it!

14. What have you achieved in your life that you never imagined you would achieve? Without any form of arrogance  - I have achieved many things, but I am not one for accolades, I like getting on with the job and doing a good one in whatever I tackle.

15. Can you cook? If so what is your signature dish?

I love cooking – a bed of assorted raw greens, a few slices of red pepper, half an avo, 4 or 5 little yellow toms cover the greens with lemon butter, garlic prawns – out of their shells and finely sliced parsley!

16. Tell us something we'd never guess about you.

I rode over 4000kms endurance riding on one special soul mate horse who was never shod, was never lame and whom I adored as one of my children! I also took guests all over Lesotho on quad bikes!

17. Who from the past (can be famous or someone you've lost) would you like to sit on a bench on Cleeve Hill with, looking out across the view and spend an hour chatting?

Nelson Mandela

18. What advice do you have for someone going self employed?

Do your market research, don’t listen to Nelly Neg, always believe in yourself and be passionate. (Having a bit of cash helps!)

19. What car do you drive?

A Ford Courier van for my deliveries! I have champagne tastes on a soda water income but an Aston Martin would be nice!! Haha.

20. Best thing about Gloucestershire.

Stunning countryside and generally nice people. Still lots to explore.

You can connect with Diana and Forest Hog on Facebook and order her eco cleaning products via the website.

'Forest Hog is the guardian of our naturally formulated earth friendly, vegan and child friendly cleaning products.

Made from the purest ingredients is mother nature’s special gift to you. Our quality products do the job, keep respiratory systems clean and skin healthy, keeping homes free from artificial perfumes and toxic chemicals.

I help keep the forest floor clean, rooting and turning dormant seed into thriving young trees, that’s why mother nature put me here.'

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