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Updated: Oct 24, 2019

Karl Newman grew up in Peru where he had plenty of freedom and learnt to be streetwise - he was riding around busy streets on a motorbike at just 12 years old. When he graduated from high school he went to law school. A major incident during his college years changed his path and his attitude for ever...

During Karl's time at law school he was involved in a serious collision when he was a passenger on a bus in Chile. He broke his spine and was told in hospital that it was a miracle he survived and he was unlikely to make a full recovery. However, Karl was determined to get back on his feet, which he did, but with a new outlook on life. He realised that law school was no longer what he wanted to do, and before long he enjoyed a career as a pilot, before working as a barman on cruise ships. That's where he met a dancer called Hazel.

Hazel and Karl fell in love and got married, became parents to two lovely boys and settled in England. They became interested in alternative schools which concentrate on your strengths and in travel being a very important part of education and development. They recently revisited Peru as part of a 4 year gap travelling. The family set up a dog-boarding business in Lima and became known as 'the English family with the dogs'. Most of their clients were expats. It gave the boys experience of running their own business - everyone worked as a team.

Along the way in Karl's career he was credited with having The Midas Touch when it comes to bars and venues. He turned Monty's into a vibrant and popular destination in Cheltenham as well as D-Fly and MaiTa'i. He now runs events for a diverse range of clients and finds that the appreciation is an even greater reward than the money. Karl often works with Wesley House Events and is managing The Royal Oak Gretton too. He never feels overloaded with work because he builds up a committed and trustworthy team. He loves to provide an element of surprise - the wow factor - and believes that privacy is key. At some of the events there may be well known people from all over the world, but no-one is getting out their phone and taking selfies. He gets to meet the rich and famous and is unfazed by this, ensuring that all his clients, no matter who they are, receive the very best experience with MaiTa'i Events.

Recently while Karl was managing an event, a man approached him, slipped him a business card and said there was a job running his hotel in Aberdeen any time he wanted it. Karl was touched by this gesture, but he is happy here in Cheltenham, his second home, putting on beautiful events with huge, thoughtful attention to detail.

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