16 Most Annoying Words and Phrases

I've been asking friends if there are any words and phrases which particularly irritate them and these are some of the ones that came back... do they annoy you too?

1. Clean Eating

I put out a Story on Instagram asking what annoys my friends on there and Richard Parsons, Gloucestershire Magician, was quick to suggest 'clean eating' as the one which annoys him most.

2. Mush

My son Joe finds it cringey when people use this Gloucestershire term of endearment.

He also suggested OMG and LOL. I'm guilty of using those.

3. Whatever Floats Your Boat

Minnie doesn't like that one, and she also doesn't like 'put down your phone' - particularly when it comes from someone who uses their own phone at the dinner table just as much. Not mentioning any names ;)

4. BAE

Jade says that one can get 'right in the fecking bin' along with #YOLO. She messaged me saying 'modernity clearly not for me'! Another vote for YOLO from Sarah Paterson - she says she wants to puke every time she hears it. (LOL!!)

5. Amazeballs

My sister Lucy in London can't stand this word. I'll be sure to make plenty of use of it when we go on holiday together.

6. Scrummy

Carol from Pot of What doesn't like 'scrummy' and 'grub' when referring to food. I can add to that... I don't like 'nom nom nom' - probably because we always said yum yum or yummy when I was young. Carol also sent a late vote in for 'at the end of the day' and 'FYI'.

(OMG yes - FYI is so annoying, as is 'to be fair'!)

7. Hubby

This one irritates me and Mark. I think it sounds smug and Mark says it brings to mind a chubby hamster husband going round on a wheel, and doing what he's told. Maybe I'll start using it for a laugh. Not sure the hamster in the photo looks particularly happy about his modelling career.

8. Long Hair Don't Care

I mean, why? Don't care about what? You don't care and nor do we.

9. Holibobs

Gabby doesn't like this word for holidays, and similarly she finds 'the famalam' a no-no. I don't mind famalam coming from others, but probably wouldn't use it myself. I also find there are certain people who can get away with saying anything. Katie Dobson will make any phrase funny.

10. Get a Grip

Susie Mackie of Women of Spirit says that 'get a grip' = very annoying.

11. Literally

Libbi thinks the overuse of the word 'literally' is getting too much. But will it ever catch up with the word 'like'? (As used in, like, every other sentence on Love Island.) Another one from Libbi is 'not gonna lie' but may I suggest that that one is allowed when pronounced in a Welsh accent, a la Nessa.

12. Absolutely

Mark dislikes the use of the word 'absolutely' as a sentence in itself. Which is a shame as it does crop up on my vocabulary. He thinks people use the word 'amazing' too much as well. I've certainly toned down my use of that since he pointed it out, as it was in pretty much every sentence. Especially on country walks when looking at trees or the sky.

13. My Bad

A late entry from Jane who whose bugbear (annoying word in itself) is 'my bad'.

14. Led Down

Robin Cook hates this one for grammatical purposes. It should be 'laid' not 'led' down.

15. Lush

Cathy Patsy Shilling wants the word 'lush' included in this hall of horrors. I'm not going to deny her the entry, however I have to admit I've always been a fan of lush and probably annoyed a lot of people with it over the years.

16. Ah, Bless!

It's condescending and insincere. So bloody annoying I just want to strangle people when they say this to me.

Have we missed anything?!

Love Sal x