Swapping Alcohol for Chocolate

Guest Blog by Daniella Warner of OMmaZing Chocolates

As I write this in July 2018 it’s 27 degrees outside and for 2 weeks this summer it certainly stopped play for my chocolate making! And so the heatwave continues... and it doesn’t look like it’s getting cooler yet, so I will be now hand delivering all chocolate orders within Gloucestershire and parts of Worcestershire and Herefordshire only and be at your houses early evening, or companies late afternoon, so you are in to receive them. As soon as temperatures start to drop and below 24 degrees, I can post them and back to normal.

If you are following us on Instagram or Twitter, you will have seen that all my chocolates are now dairy free and will be only in organic dark chocolate.


The reason being, just before my birthday in March, I decided to give up alcohol completely, as I was going off it and felt crap the next day if I drank it, even after 1 glass of wine or spirits. So instead of alcohol I drank ginger beer or mineral water if I was going out. Over the next month or so people would ask me if I felt better after giving alcohol up and whether I had more energy. I thought, a little better but not full on energy that’s for sure. Then in May I thought, I’m going to do a detox and cut out sugary drinks such as my ginger beer, no more coffee, even if it was decaf. Couldn’t drink alcohol, no problem. Just eating good clean foods, nothing processed, no bread or dairy, which I don’t do anyway as I’m lactose intolerant and sensitive to gluten.

During those 5 detoxing days of eating healthy plant based foods and litres of water, with terrible headaches and feeling crap for the first few days (that’s normal as getting rid of all the toxins), by Day 6, I had lost half a stone, was glowing, had bags of energy and felt amazing.

So I thought I’m certainly not going to be eating any more cake or biscuits like I used to, even if it was the odd one or two. What’s the point of shovelling crappy food into me and feeling crap? As they say, ‘you are what you eat’.

Then I came up with the idea of making healthy treats for myself to eat, such as my Superfood Healthy Flapjacks which were ideal to eat as a mid morning or afternoon treat and were absolutely delicious. And now I’m offering these on my website with other healthy snacks too.

Next I thought, why do I offer milk and white chocolate when they are not as healthy as dark chocolate? So that’s why I decided the whole of OMmaZing Chocolates range would be good for you, through and through, going completely dairy free, no refined sugar and only using natural organic ingredients as always.

I would like you to feel the benefits too like I did and still am eating healthily and only drink water with a slice of lemon and its keeping the weight off too. I’m still eating my dark chocolate truffles as a treat, have loads of energy, with no down in the dump days and feel OMmaZing!

If you would like to try my new healthy snacks or dairy free, refined sugar free organic dark chocolate truffles, ranging from 70% to 100% cocoa with natural ingredients, then hop over to order yours.

Happy Healthy Truffling!

Daniella Warner

Personal Artisan Chocolatier

OMmaZing Chocolates

The BEST you have ever tasted!


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