The Ideal Client is Open to Ideas

Sometimes when a new client joins my friendly little (100+ people) business club they are not sure what's going to happen. They joined because liked my social media posts, or I'm already a customer of theirs, or someone told them they should sign up with me. So they take the plunge and suddenly we're working together.

I know the basics of what I am going to do for them, and so do they, because I have it bullet pointed on my website, but there's an unpredictable kind of magic that starts to happen when we get chatting / working together and our energy starts to flow.

Here's an example of the sort of relationship / ideas I have with my Lifestyle & Business clients...

I was chatting with Andrew at Montpellier Wine Bar the other day about Sunday roasts and told him I'd noticed how popular the whole-chicken-in-a-tray-roast had been at The Grey Goose in London. Andrew said they had done this at the Wine Bar in the past but thought it was time to do it again with his fabulous chef Dan. They put it back on the menu and Katie Dobson of The Cutlery Commission went along to try it with her family...

'There’s a new Roastie in town 👌🏻 Montpellier Wine Bar now sells a whole roast chook and trimmings for £19.50.... it fed 3 adults & 2 kids today, so according to my amazing mathematics that’s £4 each!!!! Ridiculous value and was delicious. Then pudding for £2 a pop. Rugby on the telebox, comfy clothes, Sunday papers and lots of wine. SAY WHAT ?!👌🏻😍🍷'

To have me as a personal ambassador, make new connections, collaborations and brainstorm ideas for your business, apply here...

To invite Katie along to sample your cuisine, review and snap it, give her a shout! You can follow Katie's instagram here: random.acts.of.katie

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