The Naked Truth Behind Male Intimate Waxing

Our guest blogger is Laura Cousins of Heavenly Holistics. I have known Laura a few years as an acquaintance but since working as an ambassador for her business, as well as going to her for beauty treatments (such as waxing and eyelash extensions) I've got to know her compassionate and vivacious personality along with a hilarious sense of humour. Ask Laura about her comedy fish with the Welsh accent and you won't be disappointed!

THE NAKED TRUTH BEHIND MALE INTIMATE WAXING and how it all started for me at Heavenly Holistics...

"You must be mad, Laura!" people said, but honestly I’m not 🤷‍♀️. I like to look at it that I’m a good businesswoman who took a risk and it paid off. Believe or not, male intimate waxing is becoming ever more popular these days. Yes, that’s right - meat and two veg, hair-free and blowing in the breeze. However, not all therapists have the balls to offer it, pardon the pun. Anyway, this led me to think well why not, it surely can’t be that bad? So I decided to go on a training course to Essex to learn how to wax willies.

I remember on the day I had a few reservations, anxieties and nerves on the motorway, but my lovely friend who kindly offered to be my model for the day (no names mentioned) proceeded to make me giggle for the whole journey down there. He said his bottom cheeks were squeezed so tightly with fear and thoughts of torturous pain to his dangly bits, and this tipped me into fits of laughter.

Well gents what can I tell you YES I’m not gonna lie to you (Gavin and Stacey style ) waxing does hurt... but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, right?? Believe or not there are several benefits to Brazilian waxing for men - one being that wax removes hair follicles at the root level. As a result there is no unsightly stubble and no ingrown hairs. Because the scrotum area is a naturally warm part of the body, pubic hair removal makes men feel a lot cleaner. Intimate waxing is popular with guys who do lots of swimming or cycling, boxing, athletics, also models or actors for lots of reasons. Sometimes guys just have it done because there partner or spouse prefers to a hair-free body. Whatever the reason it’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. At Heavenly Holistics clients are made to feel comfortable at all times during the waxing process.

Soooo get ya wax on guys - whatcha waiting for?

I decided to name my waxing treatments for men after sports cars, as perhaps guys could be a little embarrassed asking a therapist for an intimate wax over the phone. To give you an example... BENTLEY BUTTOCKS... ALPHA ROMEO... which is the equivalent to a woman’s Hollywood... you get the jist, right?

If you're unsure, gents, Google knows everything. The wax procedure can take from 30 minutes up to 1 hour 30 minutes depending on your chosen car. The client will be asked to remove the bottom half of his clothing... no need for a Full Monty (as seen at Cheltenham's Everyman Theatre)... just jeans, boxers and socks. Keeping those on is not a great look, some would say.

The area being waxed is cleansed and a pre-wax oil is applied, which acts as a barrier between the skin and the wax, making the area less likely to be red like with strip waxing. It’s kinder wax for intimate areas of the body. During the waxing experience, as the therapist I will do all the stretching of the skin so as to reduce the pain during wax removal.

Following the treatment after wax lotion is applied to the area. It’s better to bring loose clothes with you for afterwards too. Nothing like a Borat leotard or anything... just some joggers would be ideal. You're welcome to bring your iPad or music to listen to, to distract you, or you can sing out loud if you feel the need... I really don’t mind. Yes, that did happen once. I think I listened to about six or seven ABBA songs back to back, and to be honest he didn’t have the best voice! We had a laugh as I told him I wouldn’t bother with X factor this year, but all joking aside however you feel comfortable is fine with me.

Any first treatment can be a little daunting but I hope I make your first experience not as bad as you’d have thought. Hair growth needs to be between half an inch long and repeat treatments are usually needed every four to five weeks, depending on each individual's rate of hair growth.

Looking after your nether regions after waxing is pretty straightforward. No hot bath... best to have a cool shower; wait 24 hours after to have a hot one. When the area has calmed down from the wax, plenty of moisturiser should be applied to the area and gentle exfoliation is recommended to prevent the odd ingrowing hair.

AND THAT'S IT when it comes to waxing men’s dangly doo dahs - why not give it a try?

If you're interested in booking an appointment please email me on for info and prices.

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