The Yellow Book

How about writing the first page of a book, then passing it on?

Somewhere in the world, I don’t know where, there's a little yellow book that I bought on holiday..

I was lucky enough to go to a gorgeous paradise destination a few years ago with my mum and son to visit friends who are like family to us. Browsing around a little boutique that was just my scene, I found a pretty hand-made yellow book and decided to do something unusual with it.

Later on sitting outside a lime green painted bar drinking a margarita, I began writing on the first page. I can’t remember the exact words. I was beginning a book that I hoped would be passed around from stranger to stranger and would perhaps travel and collect interesting stories and pictures on its way.

I explained this in the first paragraph and then wrote about my experience on the holiday so far, such as seeing a lifeguard save a little girl’s life in a hotel swimming pool. I have never seen a human being move so fast across water as that tall slim determined hawk-eyed Bahamian guy on that breezeless April day. Even though he was just doing his job, that job was crucial at that precise moment for that child and her family.

I wrote a few thoughts down and then added my email address so that the last person to write in the book could contact me and ideally arrange to send it back.

The first person I passed the book to was a waitress from the bar. She was touched to be asked to do this, but a little shy and unsure what she would write. Nevertheless she something scribbled down and then passed the book on to an American holidaymaker, who stopped at our table on her way out of the bar and said what a great idea she thought it was and that she would take it home and decide carefully what to write or draw, and then pass it on.

Despite overwhelming curiosity I may never discover what was written in that yellow book. It will probably never reach me. I still think it was a good idea and I'd like to start one every time I go on holiday.

One day, a book might come back to me full of strangers’ thoughts and stories, sketches and quotes, and how fascinating and special would that be?

If anyone would like to join me in doing this, I'd love to hear about where you start your book, what you write in it and who you pass it on to.

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Love Sal x

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