Time for Your Overdue Nature Fix

Fair play to anyone who isn't addicted to their mobile phone and other devices these days.

The ‘random rewards’ they give keep us and our attention logged in one way or the other for more hours of the day than we care to admit to. There are now apps where you can check your 'MeMeMePhone' time per day. Because of this situation, which is now a worldwide epidemic, we have been ignoring nature more and more. However, being in nature gives us way more rewards both short and long term than social media and screen time ever can.

It is scientifically proven that time spent in nature helps relieve depression and improves sleep. It also reawakens our senses and grounds us. We reconnect and feel part of it. Like the trees, we put down our roots and feel the seasons. The sun beating down on our faces or the crisp snow beneath our feet. The intricate, miraculous patterns and creations, the abundance of life. Ask David Attenborough!

Any excuse to squeeze Attenborough in :)

Three articles you can read if you still need convincing:

1) Nature Can Make You Less Stressed and More Energised - If You Do It Right

2) How Nature Can Help With Depression

3) How Nature Is Good For Our Health and Happiness

Lightbulb Moment

Every moment you are looking at your phone you could be looking at the sky, listening to the birds, or walking in the woods.

Small Change

Limit your phone time and expand your nature time - write it on your calendar for regular exposure to the great outdoors.

Big Effect

Your mind will be eased, you will unwind and rest better, and your health will improve. Take someone with you and your relationships will improve too.

When is your next appointment with Nature?

Love Sal x

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