Why Everyone Else Seems More Successful Than You

We all think everyone else is so accomplished and successful but what if they're just human like us and going through the same struggles?

I'll tell you right at the start in case you don't have time to read the whole blog...

The reason everyone else seems more successful than you is literally due to your own mindset.

In reality it's impossible to measure and compare. Everyone's so different. How do you measure success anyway? Money? Relationships? Popularity? I heard the phrase 'she married well' not long ago and I know the person was meaning married wealthy... but we all know that marrying well would really be marrying your soul mate, your true companion, someone who makes you happy and you make them happy too. Marrying well would really mean finding a good balance and a life partner who you work well as a team with and bring out the best in each other.

Let's look at it this way: A person you are loosely acquainted with is clearly doing well in business and their Instagram profile (with tons of followers) shows them having a wonderful time with gorgeous family, friends, pets and food.

But do you know what's actually going on behind the scenes?

Any of these situations could be true: They just had a miscarriage. Their husband has been having an affair. Their mum just got diagnosed with bowel cancer. They are coping with an autistic child whose needs are not being met at school. They are going through the menopause. They are completely skint or in massive debt. The feel isolated. They just fell out with someone they love. They're not allowed to see their children. They are depressed and feel like a failure. They have an addiction. They can't sleep.

'Their husband has been having an affair.'

Do you see what I'm getting at?

Sometimes it's easy to get sucked in to the images we see from the outside. In fact, people might be thinking exactly the same about you and me, and imagining us to be hugely successful and contented. Have you thought about it that way round? We might be doing better than before, we might be 'getting there', but I doubt it's all completely smooth for any of us.

It's our responsibility to be real on our social media and not just present the fabulous side of things. I realise that it's also important to come across organised and professional if you're in business, so how do we find the perfect balance?

A rise in the statistics of depression in teenagers reinforces the effects social media idealism, materialism, glamour, academic pressure and cyber bullying are having on our young people. It's so obvious, and yet it continues to grow.

What can we do about it?

I know I am just one person and you are just one person, but we do each have our own voice and presence in the online world and it's our duty to encourage, inspire and nurture those who are seeing what we put out.

The key to keeping things authentic is to be honest. Show a little of your struggles as well as your achievements and treats, and you may be helping someone who is not in a good place.

Love Sal x

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