Why Flossing is Old Hat

I’ve discovered TePes and they're amazing!

Gone are the days of wrapping floss tape around your fingers until the ends turn purple and all fingers and thumbs trying to get at the gaps at the back.

After years of flossing, my dental hygienist Liz (pictured) has got me on to these brilliant little devices called TePe EasyPicks.

TePe EasyPicks are, in effect, high-tech tooth picks, however the secret lies in it being both stable and flexible at the same time with a textured silicone coating that does a great job of cleaning efficiently between the teeth whilst feeling comfortable on the gums.

You simply push the pick between your teeth gentle move to and fro with a little swivel here and there and Bob’s your uncle. They come in different thicknesses so your hygienist will tell you which one is best suited to your teeth depending on the gaps etc.

Better results with minimum hassle - the TePe is quick and easy to use so you’ll use much more regularly than floss therefore you’ll have healthier teeth and gums and fresher breath in no time, as well as top marks when you next visit the hygienist.

The video clip is Liz telling us about dental hygiene and why it's so important.

There's a lot of deposit that forms on your teeth and you need to keep at it with cleaning and floss, as well as seeing your hygienist.

You'll find more information about TePes and where to buy them HERE.

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