Why I'm Writing A Book

Have you lost your identity? Do you struggle with lack of confidence? Do you have a history of poor relationships or mental health issues?

I'm writing a book, with the help of Sophie Bradshaw Publishing, to help you to make small changes every day that will allow you to endlessly improve your life and work. We're going to put together a lovely collection of ideas about how you can change your mindset, lifestyle and self-care system to allow you to achieve what you want to in life and work.

Have I got my life all right and running smoothly? Of course not.

Is it better than it used to be before I started learning some of these things? Much.

If you're reading this then we are already engaged with each other. What if reading my findings could help you appreciate yourself a little bit more, believe in yourself and feel excited for the future? That would certainly be a good outcome from my point of view, and hopefully it would be a positive one for you.

When reading my blogs and book, I want you to feel ready to do more of what you love, communicate your feelings, find your worries eased and calmed, be inspired to write a book of your own, or something else you might not think you are capable of. You are.

We're hard on ourselves. We are all flawed and fragile, just trying to keep our heads above water. Sometimes just 'being' is enough. I’m glad we’ve found each other.

I had no idea I knew so much of this kind of stuff; I guess I’ve been absorbing it for so long that it’s time to pour some back out. I hope you can pick up on the good energy and intentions that my blog and eventually book are written with.

After a long and turbulent few decades mentally and always struggling with confidence, money and everything else, I've reached a smoother period of my life. And even better, I was lucky enough to start writing my book on a family holiday in Spain. The initial ideas were accompanied by sunshine, as the sun beat down on my body and onto my notebook.

I know it’s quicker to type, but I wanted to write as many of the ideas and notes down as possible with a good old fashioned ink pen. Going away draws a line under the last section of your life and starts a new phase. With a change of scenery you can gain clarity, and that was how I felt when I started writing this to you.

During the course of writing the book over the next few months I will put out a few snippets across this blog, and would welcome your thoughts and ideas. Any ideas or quotes I use will of course be credited to those who gave birth to them! My email address is hello@saligreen.co.uk.

Love Sal x

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