Why You Don't Have Competitors

I'll say it right at the beginning in case you don't have time to read the whole post:

There is only one you!

No-one else can do it quite like you do and even if they are doing something similar, they have their unique essence and will attract their 'Tribe' as you will attract yours.

Nobody Does It Better!

Letting go of worrying about the competition in your field will free you up to pour a whole lot more positive energy into what you are doing.

'Abundance - there's enough for everyone.'

My friend Aunty JoJo (pictured) said that to me when I was early on in my business and felt concerned that someone else was doing something very similar to me and may be competing for the same audience / clients. When Jo said that sentence to me I had the lightbulb moment I needed and it all made sense. The knot in my stomach unravelled and I saw it in a different light.

What's more, not only are we not supposed to worry or feel threatened by competition, we are meant to go a step further and encourage, help or even collaborate with them. As you change your thinking from scarcity to abundance and act on it, good feelings and new opportunities start pouring in and you get that heartwarming feeling that you've uncovered the right philosophy. Now when I observe others on social media doing what I'm doing, I feel excited for them because it's a fun job and there's enough for everyone!

We are not a fit or a match for everyone. Some people will like the way we work and others will find us annoying. Successful people know that these issues are going to exist, so they accept them and do their thing. Successful people will happily pass on any advice they can, and refer business that they can't take on so that they can focus fully on what they are doing. If it doesn't come naturally to wish abundance, wealth and success on those in your industry, then bring it about by choosing your thoughts and sending love in their direction. Concerns will melt away. If I had £1 for every time I've reminded myself or others of JoJo's words of wisdom I'm sure I'd have at least £145.

None of us are running our lives or careers perfectly. We don't need to look over our shoulders, though. Everyone is on a different time schedule in life and has different factors and obstacles affecting their ability to work and thrive. If you work hard and are committed and get on with it, you will succeed in something. What you do isn't the most important factor, either, it's how you do it and with what intentions.

Love Sal x

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