You Never Know What People Are Going Through Until You Have a Chat With Them

I already thought of Sarah Davies as a beautiful, vibrant woman, always full of the joys of spring. However, it's not until you get to know someone a bit that you discover more about their struggles and accomplishments. Sarah certainly is dynamic, genuine, and full of creativity and strength...

1) You've just moved back to Cheltenham from London - what are the pros and cons of this?

I love Cheltenham and it now finally feels like my home. I love that it's small and feels intimate and I LOVE all the festivals. I had a blast in London in my 20s and 30s and did everything I wanted to do (and lots of things I shouldn’t!) so I don’t miss living there but I do miss the Design Centre in Chelsea and all the different shops for fabric hunting and design inspiration, although it’s a great excuse to escape to the big city for a ‘research’ day followed by wine and supper with friends.

2) What would you say is the most important part of making a home look and feel lovely?

I think that it’s as simple as that -'To make your home feel like a home'.

I’m not keen on a room being too ‘designed’ or ‘contrived’ as it loses the personality. I’ve seen so many projects in my London days where it was almost a ‘design machine’ and all the properties looked the same. Were they beautiful? Yes, I guess so, but they lacked a soul and personality and therefore left me unfulfilled.

The best homes tell a story of the people that live there – that’s what I love.

3) How do you fit running your own business around being a mum?

I have no idea… I’m still working that out! It’s just me and three kids. It’s bloody hard but you just do it, don’t you? I have a great childminder and the kids just accept that Mummy works a lot. I try to get away to my family in Suffolk in all the holidays so that I can have down time with them and also get a bit of parent help to keep me sane.

4) What is the thing that's needed the most bravery from you recently?

My brother dying and me leaving my husband... been a tough year but also I’ve realised I’m stronger than I thought and I’m using that to make my mark and live my life to the fullest.

5) I hear you have a Black Labrador - what's his or her name and can we see a picture?

Yes! He is the best thing ever... Basil. 6 years old and he was my favourite boy in my life until I had my son (20months). Dogs are the best... when you live in my house with all the chat and the shouting and the noise it’s so lovely to have him who just gives you love and doesn’t answer back!

Thank you Sarah, it's always wonderful to talk with you.

Sarah's website is

and her Instagram Stories

are always fun and interesting to watch.

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