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Robin Waite is business strategy expert and co-founder of a successful online strategy agency in the UK. 


Since 2004 he has helped over 200 businesses create change and growth within their organisations, and has personally delivered discovery sessions in business, online and social media strategy to over 1,000 business owners during that time. Robin gained a degree in Business Management whilst working as a systems analyst; this has provided him with a unique way of seeing businesses from outside-of-the-box. More recently Robin won a CPD Award from the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing.


Robin specialises in creating growth and scalability within established SMEs turning over £500k+ through a tailored programme of coaching, workshops and practical implementation. For more information please see:


To buy Robin’s bestselling book Online Business Startup click HERE.

Robin’s coaching programme was born out of his deep, authentic passion for business and inspiring personal development, with his attention focused on improving the efficiency and profitability within the companies he runs. Robin’s combined 16 years experience in business ensures he provides expert advice for his coaching clients on a daily basis within their businesses.


Robin believes that the central core to his coaching programme can help ANY business, making it more profitable and less stressful for you as a business owner. Robin is also an advocate for working hard, all of the time and ALWAYS being the coach.


Who Robin Works With


Robin works with a variety of people from all business sectors, from professional sports people to florists, accountants, and entrepreneurs. Robin coaches owner-managed businesses and larger corporations, being unfazed by challenges, whilst creating successful strategies to produce positive results for your business. Using a structured 1-to-1 coaching programme, Robin possesses an extensive toolkit, covering digital, branding, marketing, sales and lead generation, productivity, product and pricing.

'Robin Waite my business coach, without whom I would not be trading, would therefore have nothing of interest to talk about, nor the courage to take up a public speaking engagement. Robin Waite just keep doing what you are doing.' 


Jayne Jaquiss,  Peeps HR Consulting

‘This book is f*cking awesome. You don't need to read any other business books.'  


Dan Meredith, Coffee with Dan, talking about 'Take Your Shot'

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